Webmail ASP

Webmail ASP

server application
The webmail server software for those
looking for features, flexibility, and value.
It gives you full e-mail client functionality,
advanced, yet friendly, user interface, plus
open access to both the ASP source code
and the Access database of messages.
A webmail server gives users the ability to view their e-mail from anywhere on the Internet. At work, at home, or on vacation, as long as they have an Internet connection, e-mail is always accessible from an easy to use web-based interface generated by the webmail server. The whole system consists of three pieces: the POP3/SMTP server (not included), which handles the communication with the other mail servers when sending and receiving messages; the webmail server, which adds GUI and DB services to that; and the web browser, which provides the front end where the interface is rendered. The webmail server is in between the actual mail box and the web client, using the POP/SMTP protocols on one side and the HTTP protocol on the other.
If you're application still relies on ASP legacy code, we are making the WebmailASP source code available for integration into your own project. Please contact us to obtain a license.

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