Webmail ASP


Advantages of a webmail client

If email is the killer application for the internet, webmail is the killer application for the world wide web.

The problem with the desktop client (or "why Outlook can be so frustrating")

Desktop clients are great if the access to the POP account is made from a single location. They have, however, too many shortcomings if a second or third computer are added to the mix: Is the removal of the messages from the server automatic or manual? If it is automatic, which of the two computers deletes the messages? If messages are removed from the server and archived in folders in one computer, how can they be accessed in the other? Etc.

Unleashing IIS by adding an ASP webmail client

The solution to those problems is to keep the messages in a central place and access them from any computer, which is a perfect job for the web. The browser handles the interface and the web server handles all the message processing and storage.

The combination of email and web makes so much sense that Yahoo and Hotmail are among the most popular web sites. Our application provides you the code of a webmail client to install on your own machine. Soon you will be sending, receiving, and storing your messages or the messages of your users in your web server or web hosting account.

And you can do all this while sticking to your favorite browser. WebmailASP is compatible with any standards compliant browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape (recent versions), Mozilla, and Opera (recent versions.)

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