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Requirements to install WebmailASP

WebmailASP can easily be installed at home, deployed in a corporate environment, or uploaded to a web-hosting provider. Before you can run this application in any of those scenarions, four conditions must be met:

POP3 email account(s)
To retrieve mail, WebmailASP communicates with standard POP3-server mailboxes, locally or anywhere on the internet.
(Not included.)
Email ASP components
The web server must have installed either w3 JMail Professional from Dimac or ASPMail and ASPPOP3 from ServerObjects.
(Not included.)
File and database access permissions
The application stores messages in an MS Access database and creates files with the messages' attachments.
Up-to-date ASP environment
Hosting companies always have the latest updates, but if you are running your own web server, make sure it is fairly up-to-date (see details below.)

Have all that it is required? Proceed to the webmail purchase and download page.

Detailed instructions about requirements

The POP server with which WebmailASP communicates may be running on the same machine or network, be part of your web provider package, or be any other server where you or your users have their email accounts. WebmailASP does not replace the POP server; one is still needed. Besides that, the other requirements, described below, are regarding the web server itself.

If you are installing WebmailASP on a web-hosting account:

    Consult the provider's website documentation to see if either the w3 JMail Professional components from Dimac or ASPMail+ASPPOP3 components from ServerObjects are available. Make sure that the company installed not only the component to send mail but also the one to receive. Read also the documentation about how to connect to MSAccess databases and what is the directory for which you are given file-writting permissions.

    Finally, make sure you have enough disk-space: the application itself takes less than 1MB; the empty MS Access database takes 220KB (with 1500 messages it takes 6MB); additional space is needed for attachments.

If you are installing WebmailASP on your or your company's own server:
    "Email components" are DLLs installed on the web server that bridge the gap between the ASP code and the email server. Two brands are currently supported (you only need one of them!): w3 JMail Professional and ASPMail+POP3. The names are linked to the web sites where these components are sold.

    Visual Basic Scripting Edition must be version 5.5 or later. This version is required because WebmailASP uses the SubMatches collection returned by RegExp.Execute. You have VBScript 5.5 if, for example, Internet Explorer 5.5 or later is installed on the server. For more products that include VBScript 5.5, see the version information table (top of page). Or, if you prefer, download VBScript by itself: MSDN Scripting.

    The version of the ADO libraries in the host system must be 2.5 or later. This version is required because WebmailASP uses the ADODB.Stream object for upload operations. You have ADO 2.5 if you have Windows 2000 or later, for example. If you are using NT or if you simply want to download the latest version of the MDAC, you can get it from the Universal Data Access Free Downloads page.

    WebmailASP includes one MS Access database file, but can also be easily connected to an MS SQL Server database, if one is available.

A simple test

Not sure if your server satisfies the requirements? Download our compatibility test.

Looking for a POP3 server application?

WebmailASP works with any POP3/SMTP server or individual mail box. Here are some examples if you would like to install your own mail server:

XMail - POP, SMTP, and finger servers.
ArGoSoft Mail Server.

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